About Us

Srothus took official from 7 September 2001, when Shri. Gigi Thompson (I.A.S.), who was then NORKA Secretary, led its inauguration with the traditional lighting of the lamp. In the years since then, Srothus has captured public attention with its steady stream of charitable endeavors. Srothus maintains a democratic organizational structure, led by a voluntary team of 24 members elected annually into the Managing Committee. It can proudly say that in all these years, it has never deviated from its primary mission of charity and social harmony.

To add to its credibility and recognition among peers and to cement its focus on charity, Srothus is registered as a charitable organization under the Societies Registration Act at Alapuzha in Kerala, India.

In order to ensure the welfare of the Non Resident Keralites, redress their grievances and safeguard their rights that NORKA, the Non Resident Keralites Affairs Department was set up by the Government of Kerala in 1996. Since then, NORKA has been playing a vital role in the lives of NRKs, supporting them in times of need and lending them a helping hand in every possible means. Srothus is registered with NORKA.

To ensure that ‘Good’ still exists in this world and to promote communal harmony.


  • Working towards uplifting the less fortunate to become self-sustaining.
  • To inspire and empower people affected by adversities.
  • To create lasting solutions to help the poor and underprivileged.