Through interactions, discussions and studies, Srothus discovered that even in a fully literate and prosperous state of Kerala, there were numerous families who struggled to meet daily needs. Eventually it was concluded that the most severe need of this impoverished section of society, was for shelter. Srothus took up this cause earnestly and focused on the most deserving families living in suburban or rural areas. By 2007, Srothus managed to build 15 houses for various persons on land owned by them or donated to them, after careful consideration of their individual cases.

Srothus now focuses on the following kinds of charitable causes for the most deserving cases:

  • Housing Aid
  • Marriage Aid
  • Medical Aid

Key achievements of the organization include the build, handover and maintain projects – Srothus Village Phase 1 and Phase 2. To ensure continual support and to promote more transparency, Srothus decided to create Srothus Village. Through this project, Srothus undertook to develop a community of houses on plots acquired through outright purchase or donation. Srothus Village Phase 1, consisting of 10 homes built on one acre of land at Sultan Bathery was completed in 2010.

Srothus Village Phase 2 was started soon thereafter and consisted of another 10 houses built on the land donated by His Holiness Baselius Paulose II (Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan of the Indian Orthodox Church) at Kunnamkulam. This project was completed and handover over in December 2013.